Hello, I am Vinaya Manchaiah

I currently hold the positions Jo Mayo Endowed Professor and Associate Professor of Audiology at Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences, Lamar University, USA.

I consider myself as a committed and self-motivated individual. I have wide educational background with degrees in Audiology, Speech language pathology, Teaching and learning, Business administration and Disability research. I have 10 years’ of professional experience and have served in various clinical, teaching, administration and research roles. My work spectrum has both operational to strategic elements related to hearing healthcare and outside. I strive towards maintaining highest standards and have demonstrated high performance consistently both in my education and employment.

Research Interests and Publications
My primary research goal is to improve accessibility, affordability and outcomes of hearing healthcare services. Availability of trained hearing healthcare professionals, costs and time associated with professionals consultation, and hearing instruments costs are some of the main barriers to uptake, adherence and use of hearing health services. Moreover, clinical care alone is not sufficient to achieve optimal outcomes in the management of chronic conditions such as hearing loss, tinnitus and balance disorders. Hence, the idea of promoting self-management of chronic condition has become popular in healthcare. I believe that patient involvement, leadership, and ownership of care can help prevent and/or prolong the occurrences of health conditions, can help improve accessibility and affordability, and result in improved health outcomes. For this reason, my research specifically focuses on: (1) developing self-assessment and self-management approaches for hearing and balance disorders with low medical risk to improve accessibility and affordability; (2) developing and promoting self-management approaches to supplement routine clinical care to improve hearing health outcomes; and (3) understanding the individual (or personal) and environmental (or societal) factors influence on health outcomes and to use them as facilitators in achieving optimal outcome.

I have active research collaborations with interdisciplinary researchers across the globe. I have a strong publication record with 101 publications in academic peer-reviewed journals, 3 books, 5 book chapters, 13 publications in professional magazines and trade journals, 9 publications in service users journals/websites, and 3 book reviews.

External Activities
In addition to my work, I am involved in various external activities. I am the Co-founder of Audiology India (www.audiologyindia.org) and currently serving as the Board of Director for Strategic Planning. In the past, I have served as the President (2011-15) of Audiology India and also as the Board of Director for British Academy of Audiology (2011-14). I also co-founded Global Audiology (www.globalaudiology.org) and currently serving as the Senior Editor (2016-till date).

Awards and Honors
I have been various awards and honors including: Bharat Samman Award 2017 by the NRI Institute; Shapiro Prize by the British Tinnitus Association (2017, 2018); Jerger Future Leaders of Audiology (JFLAC) 2016 by the American Academy of Audiology; Fast and efficient PhD award from Linnaeus Centre HEAD, Linköping University, Sweden; Completed the Executive MBA program with distinction and completed the Doctor of Audiology (AuD) program with highest honors.

Other Interests
Outside work I have keen interest in travelling, photography and travel writing. I have visited 74 countries so far and wish to go around the world.

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