Hearing loss is a common chronic condition with over 5% of the global population (i.e., 360 million people) affected to some degree. However, over 80% of them live in low and middle-income countries where there is limited access to hearing healthcare services.

I am personally and professionally committed to contributing to the expansion of hearing healthcare profession and services throughout the world, and especially in developing countries. This may include verities of activities including: developing strategy, fundraising, inspiring professional and public to take appropriate action, developing and teaching courses, and sharing good practice and ideas. I have visited audiology centres in over 10 countries and continue to learn about global audiology. Following are the projects I am currently supporting. However, I am keen to hear and discuss new opportunities and don’t hesitate to contact me.

  • Audiology India: I am the co-founder of this organization and have been serving as President since it’s beginning in 2011, but contributing to its development since 2009. I am involved in almost all the activities of the organization from strategic to operational.
  • All Ears Cambodia: I have been supporting this organization since January 2014. My contributions include: developing and delivering a module for a diploma course (e.g., evidence based practice), helping connect volunteer to the organization, finding equipment, which can be reused, and also in fundraising activities.

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