Beukes, E.W., Manchaiah, V., Andersson, G., Allen, P.M. & Baguley, D.M.
In: Tele-Audiology and the Optimization of Hearing Health Care Delivery. Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA: ISI Global, p. 121-160.
Publication year: 2019


Tinnitus can be a debilitating hearing-related symptom. Access to evidence-based tinnitus interventions remain limited. Tele-audiology can assist by providing a clinically and cost-effective tinnitus management route. This chapter highlights how this is made possible by focusing on one form of tele-audiology, namely an internet- based intervention. Guidelines are provided for the development of such interventions. A framework outlining the various processes involved in evaluating newly developed interventions is also provided. The chapter closes by discussing factors that may facilitate or hamper the dissemination of new interventions into existing service delivery models. This well-defined outline for intervention development and evaluation can be applied and used to guide innovative intervention models by stakeholders.