Manchaiah, V. & Danermark, B.
In: V. Manchaiah & B. Danermark (eds). The Experiences of Hearing Loss: Journey through Aural Rehabilitation. Oxon, UK: Routledge, pp. 45-55.
Publication year: 2017


Communication partners (CPs) of persons with hearing loss (PHLs) are known to have various physical, mental, and emotional consequences because of their partner’s condition. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes these consequences as third-party disability. This chapter provides a model to represent the CPs journey through their partner’s hearing loss, which provides insights to CPs experiences over time. This model includes seven main phases: (1) contemplation, (2) awareness, (3) persuasion, (4) validation, (5) rehabilitation, (6) adaptation, and (7) resolution. Narrative accounts of CPs are also included to give better insight into each of these phases. Although the CP journey model illustrates the CPs’ experience through their partner’s hearing loss, it may not cover all the complex dimensions and hence the limitations of this model have been discussed. Finally, this chapter also provides some information about the applications of this model in relation to professional education and patient counseling.