Beukes, E., Andersson, G., Manchaiah, V. & Kaldo, V.
San Diego, USA: Plural Publishing Inc.
Publication year: 2021

This book describes the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for the management of tinnitus. It has two primary purposes: (1) to provide clinical guidelines for audiologists who are offering CBT-based counseling for tinnitus; and (2) self-help materials for individuals with tinnitus. In addition, these materials may of interest to researchers who are developing evidence-based therapies for those experiencing tinnitus.

The book is structured into three sections. Section A provides background information about the CBT theoretical aspects and some practical tips on how to use this book with the intent to familiarize the clinicians with CBT principles and applications specifically for those with tinnitus. Section B provides the CBT counseling materials that can be used by both audiologists and tinnitus sufferers. Audiologists can use these chapter in developing and delivering clinician-assisted CBT program for their tinnitus patients. Moreover, the counseling materials presented can be used by individuals with tinnitus as self-help materials. Finally, Section C provides some supplementary materials for clinicians that can aid monitoring and engagement of tinnitus suffers during the course of intervention.