Manchaiah, V.K.C.
British Society of Hearing Aid Audiology (BSHAA) Congress 2013, Nottingham (UK), May 2013.
Publication year: 2013


Hearing is a complex function which has both cognitive and emotional aspects. A person with hearing loss may have consequences in the physical, mental and social domains. Hearing loss in the context of clinical audiology is currently defined based on type of pathology and severity. However, evidence from both clinical findings and research suggest that this may not cover all the aspects of ‘hearing loss’ as a disability. This talk is aimed to highlight the factors which may be important in defining hearing loss and its consequences and to present different perspectives based on various models of disability with particular emphasis to World Health Organisation’s International Classification of Functioning Disability and Health (WHO-ICF). Relevant literature and some examples from practice will be presented to support the discussion. Overall, attempts are made in defining hearing loss and its consequences with a holistic approach which has significant clinical value particularly in the context of audiological enablement/rehabilitation.