Upreti, R., Gurung, N., Manchaiah, V., Harn, A., Dockens, A.L., Azios, J., Long, E., Dueppen, A., & Andrei, S.
ACET: Journal of Computer Education and Research, 13(1), 1-11.
Publication year: 2019

In the recent two decades, the health community has been considering e-learning platforms as a way of learning health related aspects. Many countries in the world are considering using technology to help improving the health services. These initiatives are taken by research institutes, universities, and other professional organization. All these efforts are supported by United Nations Development Programme, World Health Organization, and other funding agencies or institutions.

To the best of our knowledge, none of these platforms considered the same designated health purposes and all of the following categories of people: children, nursing aides, autistic students, hearing and aphasia participants. This paper describes our efforts to develop a digital health learning platform called iManage. Besides explaining health related concepts, iManage will evaluate the research study findings as well as reviewing and analyzing the results of its platform.