Manchaiah, V., Roeser, R. & de Munzo, P.C.
8th Annual Coalition for Global Hearing Health Conference, Coral Gables, Florida (USA), October 2017.
Publication year: 2017

Global Audiology is developed as a way to improve communication between audiologists and those interested in hearing and hearing health world-wide. The overall purpose of this presentation is to: (1) describe the development of a website designed to provide an understanding of audiology practice in different regions; (2) connect stakeholders in hearing healthcare around the world; (3) facilitate the development of uniform audiological practice standards. Five Regional Resource editors will be appointed, each to represent one of five of the United Nations defined regions: America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania. Regional Resource Editors will be responsible for providing detailed information for each key area of his/her area on the website, as well as to identify Sub-regional Resource Editors who will populate the website with key information regarding his/her geographic region. All Global Audiology editors will be clearly listed and volunteer to provide resource information to those who are interested, facilitating the exchange of audiological information world-wide. Global Audiology is now fully functional and information for several countries has been populated. Additional editors are being recruited. Our hope is that Global Audiology becomes a valuable resource for audiologists and other stakeholders around the world to share information and improve audiology services.