Manchaiah, V. & Roeser, R.J.
Texas Academy of Audiology (TAA) Annual Conference, Frisco, Texas (USA), October 2016.
Publication year: 2016


The overall purpose of this presentation is to describe the state of audiology and audiology practice world-wide and to describe the development of a website designed to provide an understanding of audiology practice in different regions, to connect stakeholders in hearing healthcare around the world, and to facilitate the development of uniform audiological practice standards. The presentation will begin with a brief history of audiology in the US, followed by a review of the factors that made audiology what it is in the US today. A comparison of how audiology is practiced in the US and in other countries will be presented, followed by a description of a newly developed website that is soon to be made available: Global Audiology (see Global Audiology was developed as a way to improve communication between audiologists and those interested in hearing and hearing health world-wide. Five Regional Resource editors will be appointed, each to represent one of five of the United Nations defined regions: America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania. Regional Resource Editors will be responsible for providing detailed information for each key area of his/her area on the website, as well as to identify Sub-regional Resource Editors who will populate the website with key information regarding his/her geographic region. All Global Audiology editors will be clearly listed and volunteer to provide resource information to those who are interested, facilitating the exchange of audiological information world-wide.