Beukes, E.W., Manchaiah, V., Fagelson, M.A., Munoz, M., Aronson, E.P. & Andersson, G.
Internet and Audiology Conference 2019, Southampton (UK), June 2019.
Publication year: 2019


An Internet-based tinnitus intervention for use in the USA can address barriers that weaken the provision of tinnitus-related services. Although such interventions exist, their suitability for this population was questioned. The aim of this study was to adapt an Internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy intervention (ICBT) for tinnitus to ensure its utility for a US population. The study objectives were to ensure the program’s accessibility in terms of readability, language, and cultural appropriateness.

Methods: The intervention materials were redesigned and simplified to support use by a novel patient group. Readability Studio was used to evaluate reading levels using six different formula. Cultural and linguistic adaptions were identified by clinicians in the USA. Accessibility was further enhanced as the intervention materials were translated into Spanish.

Results: Accessibility measures ensured all chapters had readability levels of between Grades 5-6. Cultural and linguistic adaptations were made in terms of content, vocabulary, and spelling. To improve patient engagement, adaptions were made to the interactive elements, goal setting and worksheets.

Conclusion: Internet intervention materials were revised to adhere to best practice guidelines. Further studies should determine whether these changes improved self-efficacy, engagement, and aided motivation to complete the intervention.