Manchaiah, V. & Danermark, B.
In: V. Manchaiah & B. Danermark (eds). The Experiences of Hearing Loss: Journey through Aural Rehabilitation. Oxon, UK: Routledge, pp. 29-44.
Publication year: 2017


Hearing loss is a common chronic condition that is often poorly recognised and rarely acknowledged. A person with hearing loss (PHL) begins a long journey of unknown consequences. This chapter briefly discusses consequences of hearing loss and provides longitudinal understanding of hearing loss via the patient journey model and case studies of two adults with acquired hearing loss. The seven phases include: (1) Pre-awareness; (2) Awareness; (3) Movement; (4) Diagnostics; (5) Rehabilitation; (6) Self-evaluation; and (7) Resolution. Case studies illustrate the complexity of the psychosocial aspects of acquired hearing loss. Applications of this model are also discussed.