Chundu, S., Manchaiah V.K.C., Stephens D., & Kumar, N.
Cochlear Implant International, 14(1), 22-27.
Publication year: 2013


OBJECTIVE: The aim of the study was to understand the reported benefits and shortcomings by parents of children with cochlear implants and who contribute towards the cost of the implant.

METHOD: Thirty parents of children with cochlear implants from a hearing impaired school in Southeast Asia completed open-ended questionnaires and the data were analysed using content analysis.

RESULTS: A wide range of benefits and shortcomings were reported. However, it is notable that the single most reported shortcoming was related to cost.

DISCUSSION: The results suggest that, even though, in general, the reports about benefits and shortcomings were similar to previous results from western countries, the emphasis given to various aspects of shortcomings was different. In particular, it appears that parentally reported outcomes could be related to many factors including the hearing healthcare system with the costs involved for the implanted individuals and their families. These findings help us understand the parental perspectives of the success of cochlear implantation and will be useful during parental counselling sessions.