Manchaiah, V., Vinay., & Thammaiah, S.
International Journal of Audiology, In Press.
Publication year: 2021

Objective: This study aimed to validate the translated Kannada version of the International Outcome Inventory for Hearing Aids (IOI-HA) questionnaire for hearing aid users.

Design: The original (English) and the translated versions of the IOI-HA questionnaire along with the Self-Assessment of Communication (SAC) were self-administered by hearing aid users. To examine test-retest reliability, 50% of the study participants completed the Kannada IOI-HA for a second time approximately 15 days later. The data analyses examined various psychometric properties using a predetermined quality criterion.

Study Sample: 105 Kannada-English bilingual adults using hearing aids.

Results: Factor analysis indicated a two-factor structure that explained a 61.8% variance in the IOI-HA. A Cronbach’s alpha coefficient of 0.7 indicated acceptable internal consistency. Good test-retest reliability (Interclass Correlation Coefficient > 0.9) was obtained for both conditions (i.e., between the original English and translated Kannada versions and also between two different administrations of the Kannada IOI-HA questionnaire). Divergent validity test results were acceptable, and no ceiling or floor effects were noted. Convergent validity testing of the SAC, however, was poor with small correlation, although the direction of correlation (i.e., negative) was as expected.

Conclusion: The current study results suggest acceptable psychometric properties of the Kannada version of the IOI-HA questionnaire.