Manchaiah, V., Beukes, E.W., Swanepoel, D.W., & Hall, J.W. (eds)
Seattle, USA: Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.
Publication year: 2023

Telehealth—delivering healthcare via remote technology—has revolutionized patient care. Though the concept has been around for decades, it’s only recently become a cornerstone of modern healthcare. Within audiology, tools like remote otoscopy, remote audiometry, and remotely adjustable hearing aids have emerged. Yet, surprisingly, many audiologists have been slower to embrace this model compared to their healthcare counterparts.

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the need for teleaudiology, as clinicians sought ways to serve patients with minimal face-to-face interaction. This revealed an urgent gap: the need for comprehensive education on the subject.

This book demystifies teleaudiology for those unfamiliar with telehealth. Dive into the essentials required to set up and offer remote services to adult patients. Discover strategies to enhance access and outcomes in hearing health care, making audiology more adaptable and effective in today’s world.