Manchaiah, V.K.C. & Stephens. D.
Journal of the Academy of Rehabilitative Audiology, 44, 29-40.
Publication year: 2011


Hearing impairment is a common chronic condition which is often poorly recog- nised and rarely acknowledged. People with acquired hearing impairment may begin a long journey of unknown consequences. This paper provides the narra- tive (personal accounts) of 2 adult patients with acquired hearing impairment about their experiences of living with this condition. The narrative is presented in a structured way with 7 main phases identified from our previous study on the patient journey (Manchaiah, Stephens, & Meredith, 2011). The journeys de- scribed by the patients highlight the individuality and uniqueness of each person facing the same challenge. They also illustrate the complexity of the psycho- social aspects of acquired hearing impairment.