Manchaiah, V. & Taylor, B.
Publisher: Nova Science Publishers Inc
Publication year: 2018

The Role of Communication Partners in the Audiological Rehabilitation uncovers the psychological and social processes that the communication partners of persons with hearing loss may experience.

Currently, there is a renewed focus on family-centered audiological rehabilitation. For this reason, involving patients and their communication partners in all aspects of rehabilitation is necessary. Given the growing importance of audiological rehabilitation among clinicians around the world, this book focuses on several critical aspects of audiological enablement as well as the rehabilitation of patients and their communication partners. This is the first book to focus solely on the communication partners of persons with hearing loss and helps uncover the human dynamics associated with hearing loss.

This book is aimed at hearing healthcare professionals to supplement their reading about audiological rehabilitation. In addition to enhancing existing coursework in this area and family centric care, a quick glance of the chapters reveals several tools and tips that audiologists can put into immediate practice. For these reasons, this book is a useful resource for early career communication disorder students and allied healthcare professionals alike. Vinaya Manchaiah is a Jo Mayo Endowed Professor in the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences, Lamar University, Texas, USA. Brian Taylor is the Director of Clinical Audiology for the Fuel Medical Group, USA.