Rogers, R., Roeser, R., & Manchaiah, V.
18th Texas Academy of Audiology (TAA) Conference, San Marcos, Texas (USA), October 2017.
Publication year: 2017


Audiology exists in many forms around the world. Global Audiology is an initiative which aims to connect hearing healthcare professionals, professionals from various other fields, and the public in order to improve hearing healthcare on the global scale. The website acts as a source of information regarding audiologic services and education in each country, and as a link to a growing network of hearing care professionals.

Audiology education and practice vary considerably across the world. In North America, Europe and Australia audiology is well developed and considered a recognized profession. In many other parts of the world it is not.

The specific goals of Global Audiology are:

  • To develop a website designed to connect stakeholders interested in audiology.
  • To develop an international network of hearing healthcare professionals
  • To promote high quality hearing healthcare on a global scale