Saar, K.W., Saar, M., Bellon-Harn, M.L., Harn, W.E., Byod, R., & Manchaiah, V.
Journal of Consumer Health on the Internet, 27(2), 119-138.
Publication year: 2023

Reddit discourse surrounding treatments for autistic individuals is easily accessible. Multiple Reddit threads discuss Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) as one option. Such content impacts decision-making despite the absence of gatekeeping mechanisms to identify misinformation. Using a cross-sectional design, this study explores perceptions of ABA-based interventions shared on Reddit by exploring posts’ content, stance and evidence used to support claims. Posts examined generally lacked support of scientific evidence. Additionally, perspectives on ABA were influenced by personal experiences with the intervention. This data provides insight to support healthcare professionals and families engaged in shared decision-making regarding intervention choices.